F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Mother:  Chloe
Father: Bo
Date of birth: February 13
Ready for new homes: Tuesday, April 10
Expected weigh at maturity: 25--30 pounds.
email me
Puppies from Chloe's previous litters at about 5 weeks of age.

After making a deposit, please send me a follow up email stating which litter and gender you want your deposit to go towards.  I will also need your phone number for my records.
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Demand for our puppies continues to grow.  Thus the next generation of Kooima's has entered the doodle business.  Chloe is our son Jordan's dog.  Jordan is 21 years old, is a junior in college, and will be married this summer to Nicole.  Chloe lives with Nicole's family.  We are helping Jordan find homes for his puppies under the Whispering Pines program.  Welcome to the WP team Jordan and Nicole!
Male 585 SOLD HOME
Male 877 SOLD HOME
Male 286 SOLD HOME
Male 281  SOLD HOME 
Male 813 SOLD HOME
Male 369 6 lb 14 oz SOLD
J. Osterer New York, NY
Air ship Wednesday April 18, 10:55 Dept
Female 073 SOLD HOME
Female 311 SOLD HOME
This litter is sold out.