F1B Mini Goldendoodles

    Mother: Maggie
    Father: Bo
    Date of Birth: March 3
    Ready for new homes: Saturday April 28
    Estimated mature weight: 15-20 pounds

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Pups from Maggie's previous litters at about 6 weeks of age.
We ask that deposits be litter and gender specific.  After making a deposit, please send me a follow up email stating which litter and gender your deposit is for.  

Please include your phone number.
email me
Male 538 2 lb 15 oz SOLD
C. Bates Holiday Island AR
Pick up Monday May 7, Noon
Male 602 4 lb 11 oz SOLD
M. Aguilera Marshaltown IA
Pick up Saturday April 28, 1:30 PM
Female 868 3 lb 3 oz SOLD
T. Chickinell Omaha NE 
Pick up Monday May 7, 11:00 AM
Female 306 3 lb 9 oz SOLD
C. Weeg Sioux Falls SD
Pick up Saturday April 28  ???
Female 525 HOME
Female 882 3 lb 5 oz SOLD
J. Sinon Newport Beach CA
Ship Thursday May 3, 1:14 Dept Delta
Female HOME
This litter is sold out.