F1 Mini Goldendoodles

Mother: Mia
Father: Samson
Birth date: December 8
Ready for new homes: Saturday February 2
Estimated mature weight:  25-30 pounds
After making a deposit, please send a follow up email informing me which litter and gender you want your deposit to go towards. 

Include your phone number as my vet is required to put that on the state health certificate.
email me
Mia's pups from her previous litter when they were about 6 weeks old.  
This litter is sold out.
Male 780 SOLD HOME
Male 057 SOLD HOME
Male 080 SOLD
C. Nicholas Troy NY
Air ship Monday Feb. 4, 6:15 AM dept
Male 352  SOLD HOME
Male 839 SOLD HOME
Female 800  SOLD HOME
Female 003 SOLD HOME