Deposit and Selection Process
Please review this information to understand our deposit and selection process.
We do thing s a bit differently than most breeders.  We do not keep waiting lists, and we do not accept deposits far in advance of when you want to bring home a puppy, such as 6 to 12 months ahead of that time.  

Rather, we only accept deposits after we can confirm that conception has occurred on a particular female.  We usually know this 2-3 weeks prior to when the puppies are due to be born.  We then post a new page under "Future Litters" and start accepting deposits that are litter and gender specific.  

While our system requires our prospective customers to be a bit more proactive in communicating with us, and it shortens our time for finding homes for a litter, we feel it makes for the best possible experience for our buyers. This method avoids the disappointment that can happen when people put down deposits far in advance on a particular future litter, only to learn that conception did not occur, requiring an even longer wait for a puppy.  

Therefore, if shopping for the future, we ask that you contact us about 3-4 months prior to the start of a time window when you want to bring home a puppy.  At that time we can start communicating about what we have available, and what we hope we will have available, based on recent breedings.  Once we can confirm conception on those breedings, we will post a page under "Future Litters" and start accepting deposits.  
When we receive a deposit, we record it in our paper records for the litter and then post the customer's last name on the appropriate page of the website.  

A few days after the puppies are born, we post pictures of the males and females on the web page, and then update the deposit list to reflect the exact number of puppies in the litter.  We then continue to accept deposits on that litter, placing them on the list in the order we received them.

At about 4 weeks of age, the puppies go to the vet for their first check up and to be micro chipped.  From that point on the pups are identified by the last 3 digits of their micro chip number.

When the pups are 5-6 weeks old we post a round of individual pictures, followed by their micro chip number and their weight at the time the pictures were taken.

At this point the selection process begins, following the order that deposits came in.  Most people make their selections based on the pictures and perhaps some input from us.  We do welcome customers to come for a personal visit to select their puppy, provided they can arrive in a timely manner rather so we can keep the process moving.  Visits are by appointment only.

As particular puppies are selected, we mark them "SOLD" and place the buyers last name near the puppy's pictures, and remove that name from the deposit list.

The selection of puppies needs to occur prior to the "Ready for new homes" date listed at the top of the page, rather on the day of pick up.  In the past, i tried to coordinate selections and pick ups in the order that deposits came in, but this turned into a logistical nightmare leading people to be less than happy with me!

Selection Process
We are continually asked if our website is current and if we have puppies available.  WE KEEP OUR WEBSITE CURRENT, UPDATING IT DAILY WHEN SALES ARE MADE OR DEPOSITS RECEIVED.

If you see openings on deposit lists, or particular puppies not marked "Sold", once we have worked through a deposit list, then that means there are puppies available in that litter.