F1B Mini Goldendoodles

Mother: Stella
Father: Bo
Birth Date:  August 28
Ready for new homes: Tuesday October 23
Estimated mature weight:  15-20 pounds

Puppies from Stella's previous litters at about 6 weeks of age.
After making a deposit please send me a follow up email stating which litter and gender your deposit is for.  

Please include your phone number as I will eventually need that for my records.
email me

Males Sold Out

This litter is sold out.
Male 618 4 lb 9 oz SOLD
M. Frandolig Lincoln NE
Pick up Tuesday October 23, 11:00 
Male 259 4 lb 5 oz SOLD
B. Robinson Omaha NE
Male 334 3 lb 8 oz SOLD
J. Larsen Crosby MN
Pick up Tuesday October 23, 11:00 AM