F1 Mini Goldendoodles

Mother: Trixie
Father: Samson
Date of birth:  February 16
Ready for new homes:  Saturday, April 13
Estimated mature weight:  25-30 pounds

Pups from Trixie's previous litters at about 5 weeks of age.
After making a deposit, please send me a follow up email stating which litter and gender your deposit is for.  Also, please  include your phone number.
email me
Females SOLD OUT
Male 817 4 lb 11 oz SOLD
A. Statz Sioux Falls SD 
Pick up Saturday April 13, 9:00 AM
Male 576 4 lb 2 oz SOLD
A. Hansen Denison IA
Pick up Saturday April 13, 10:15
Male 027 3 lb 2 oz SOLD
J. Colaccino Enfield CT
Air ship Saturday April 13, 11:20 Dept
Female 080 4 lb 2 oz SOLD
J. Wiesman Osceola NE
MV Saturday April 13, 11:00 AM
Female 634 3 lb 14 oz SOLD
D. Chauvin Maple Grove MN

Female 620 3 lb 12 oz SOLD
R. Morrow Phoenix AZ
Ship Saturday April 13, 12:16 PM Dept
Female 345 3 lb 10 oz SOLD
M. Lee Verona WI
Ship Saturday April 13, 11:20 PM
Female 305 3 lb 15 oz SOLD
J. Pazandak Maple Grove MN
Albert Lea, Saturday April 13, 10:00 AM
This litter is sold out.