We live in the country, in the northwest corner of Iowa. 

Raising puppies is a famiy project for us.  Justin lives with us and has started his own business, but helps out with the dogs.  He brings puppies to the airport when they are air shipped.  Justin loves to fish and hunt. Kelsey is a busy  college nursing major who occasionally brings friends home for a study break with the puppies. When home, she likes to spend time with Jamie and the puppies.  Jordan and Shane help out with the cleaning, feeding and vaccinating. They both love to play basketball. Jamie's "job" is playing with the puppies.  She gets pretty attached to them, making it hard to say "goodbye" when they go to their new homes.  Kris is the busiest of us all as a stay at home mom, doing what she loves, caring for her family.

We know, that because our pets bring our family such enjoyment, their offspring will do the same for yours. 
Iowa spring shower viewed from our front deck.
About Us
Kelsey Shane Jamie Jordan Justin
Jamie--fall fun but not
letting go of summer
--notice the footwear!
Justin's catch!
Sisters---best buds
Shane taking his man!
Jordan taking his man!
A gorgeous morning at our house.
Study break with college friends.